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Kurcheeva G. I., Murtazina M. S. , Yadykin V. K. “Smart energy” as a factor of sustainable ecological-and-economic development of the region // Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. - 2018. – Vol. 39 : Competitive, sustainable and secure development of the regional economy: response to global challenges (CSSDRE 2018) : proc. of the intern. sci. conf. - P. 716-720. - DOI: 10.2991/cssdre-18.2018.145.
Кафедра математического моделирования бизнес-процессов (ММБП)
Муртазина Марина Шамильевна [35384]
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Web of Science
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This work addresses issues of development of the world's most rapidly growing smart cities-smart energy market segment in Russia. The analysis of the current situation allows us to conclude that, despite a certain technological lagging of energy in Russia, the transition to the "smart energy" system is possible, providing the solution of such problems as the development of a strategy at the federal and regional levels, the development of standards aimed at environmental improvement and energy efficiency and conservation. It seems that one of the factors conducive to the development of smart energy in Russia is the modernization of the system of environmental charges that began in 2016. It is stated that to develop the standards, it is necessary to investigate the relationship between the quality of life indicators and the "smart energy" development indicators.
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