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Klevakina E. A., Zabelina I. A., Murtazina M. S. Evaluation of development prospects of renewable energy: agent based modelling // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 2017. Vol. 803. Art.012071 (6 p.). DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/803/1/012071.
Кафедра математического моделирования бизнес-процессов (ММБП)
Муртазина Марина Шамильевна [35384]
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Статья в сборнике (в т.ч. сборники трудов конференций, не тезисы)
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The paper describes the agent-based model usage to evaluate the dynamics and the perspectives of alternative energy adopting in the Eastern regions of Russia. It includes a brief review of the agent-based models that can be used for estimation of alternatives in the process of transition to “green” economics. The authors show that active usage of solar energy in Russia is possible at the rural household level, when the climate conditions are appropriate. Adoption of solar energy sources decreases the energy production based on the conventional sources and improves the quality of environment in the regions. A complex regional multiagent model is considered in this paper. The model consists of several private models and uses GIS technologies. These private models are a demographic and migration model of the region and a diffusion of the innovations model. In these models, agents are humans who live within the boundaries of the agents-municipalities, and agents as well are large-scale producers of electricity that pollutes the environment. Such a structure allows us to determine the changes in the demand for electricity generated by traditional sources. A simulation software will assist to identify the opportunities for implementation of alternative energy sources in the Eastern regions of Russia.
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